морские перевозки грузов
морские перевозки

Freight transportation by sea

Modern freight transportation Is very effective, fast and secure. Transportation by sea is the most popular kind of transportation.

Freight transportation by sea with “Husky Logistic”

“Husky Logistic” offers the following to its clients:

Freight transportation by sea offers excellent security and low prices. By choosing the safest method of freight transportation you significantly lower risks of material losses.

International freight transportation by sea is possible for all sorts of goods:

Advantages of using “Husky Logistic”

Our company consists exclusively of professionals who are able to organize world freight transportation by sea quickly and efficiently. We allow you to save money by providing the following services:

We are very efficient in freight transportation by sea: a wide network of agents and business partners allows us to solve any transportation problem that can arise when transporting goods from any port to Saint-Petersburg or any other nearby port.

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