Freight transportation

Freight transportation is a key element of a country’s economy and its goods circulation. The issue of transportation was very important on every stage of humanity’s development. Throughout countless centuries freight transportation was considered a lengthy business full of numerous risks. Nowadays the technology has reached such a point in its progress that almost any kind of good can be transported via land, sea or air in a very short time. Despite our country’s foreign economic policy being rather inconsistent, we are able to find a solution to the vast majority of the problems that can arise in this area.

Whom to choose?

It is not easy to choose a company that you would with trust your goods. The transportation market is quite oversaturated nowadays. We can offer quality freight transportation. Our regulars can confirm that we deliver goods safe and sound. Our company works with a variety of fairly large scale projects, however we do not have any limitation on the order’s size – we can transfer even the smallest of freights. We would like to address a couple of our company’s key strong points.

Our company’s strong  points

  1. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of freight transportation. We have accumulated ready solutions to numerous common problems that arise when transporting goods over borders.
  2. We will take responsibility for the freight  for the whole duration of the freight’s travel – starting with the making of necessary documents and finishing with the delivery of the freight to the destination. Throughout the years we have studied most of the necessary documents extensively, and are thus able to process them in short time and in a proffessional manner.
  3. We organize turnkey delivery, in other words, we can receive the freight from your front door and hold responsibility for it the whole way to the destination. This is very important – freight transportations are always associated with a certain degree of risk and some companies do not take responsibility for the goods and find loopholes in the agreements. Your freights’ security is paramount to us.
  4. We are a very client-oriented organization. We offer a variety of solutions in different price ranges, everybody will be able to find an affordable solution. We are sure you will be satisfied by the quality of out service and by our personnel’s attitude.
  5. We have a wide network of branch offices, including such important for Russia foreign cities as Shanghai and Helsinki. This allows us to control the transportation process and track the goods with extreme precision. We give you the ability to determine your goods’ whereabouts at any moment in time.
  6. We do not turn down customers based on problems we may encounter at the customs – our personnel is extremely efficient at solving these kinds of problems. Of course, some substances controlled by the law may not be allowed for transportation.

Freight transportation is our true calling. We spent years devising fast and safe routes, learning how to process documents with even more efficiency than before. We can help you save your precious time and money when sending goods. We are always ready to help our Clients!

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